This barn-shaped activity cube has it all -- beads to spin and slide along two coated wire mazes, six removable play pieces to match and sort, flaps to open and close, and even hay bales to drop and roll down the chute! Open numbered windows to discover surprises inside, push the tractor with gear wheels along the track, open and close the barn doors, flip pieces to match three animals in a row, and so much more! Sturdy wooden construction, paired with whimsical farm-themed designs, make this a long-lasting and welcome addition to any playroom. First Play toys feature bright colors, bold patterns, and whimsical designs that boost skills while sparking imagination and wonder -- right from the start!

Ways to Play

  • SENSORY: Encourage kids to make each animal's sound as you point to the animals on the barn.

  • NUMBERS: Count aloud as kids open the numbered window flaps, and again as they close them.

  • COLORS: Say color names as you point to them on the barn.

  • FINE MOTOR: Encourage kids to spin one wooden bead, then two, then three at once.

First Play - slide, sort & roll activity barn

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