• Abacus includes 55 colorful beads and 2 interchangeable double-sided wooden boards
  • Wooden boards feature addition and subtraction and color matching
  • Bright colors and multiple ways to play for growing skill sets
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Encourages math skills, pattern and color recognition, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination
  • Discover Countless Ways To Play

  • Ask the child to count how many beads are on each wire and name each color, then count the total number of beads.

  • Play math attack! Move all the beads to one side, then say an equation out loud (e.g. "7-3="). Ask the child to find the equation on the board and solve it by lining up the correct number of beads.

  • Quickly move a number of beads to one side and have the child say how many were moved and what color they are as fast as they can (e.g. 5 red beads, 2 yellow beads, etc.).

  • Use one of the wooden boards as a template to create your own boards! Trace it onto cardboard and write in your own variations, like adding and subtracting by 2s (12-2, 11-2, etc.) or creating a new color-matching pattern.

Add & Subtract Abacus

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